Untold Stories

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Because “they were honest men” was the reason given by the residents of Naples when asked why six men in particular were chosen on December 1, 1923 to be the First Fathers of Naples upon incorporation on December 1, 1923.

They Were Honest Men


The Bank of Naples, the city’s first financial institution, opened in 1949 at the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue South and 8th Street South.

The Bank With A Heart


On May 15, 1953, Naples Mayor W. Roy Smith stepped aside as City Father and handed the gavel over to incoming Naples Mayor Worth DeVore, a member of the Naples High School Senior Class.

The Transfer of Power… For A Day


In 1954, Naples made headlines in South Florida when Naples Chamber of Commerce members promised Naples would be the politest city in the State.

The Courtesy Clinic


On Monday, March 5, 1956, Naples Community Hospital became operational, ending the era when the only option was to travel to Fort Myers for access to a hospital.

Happy Birthday To Our First Baby


Members of the Naples Woman’s Club made sure books were available to the community long before the Collier County Public Library System was established.

A Child’s Wish


Caribbean Gardens evolved from the Naples Tropical Gardens and Arboretum cultivated in 1919 by renowned botanist Dr. Henry Nehrling.

Easter Sunrise Over The Gardens


The Naples High School Band and about 250 Neapolitans waited anxiously on the observation deck at Miami International Airport on Thursday, February 14, 1963.

Operation Amigo


On April 25, 1927, Town Council drew up Naples first Charter. The Charter confirmed the composition of Town Council as one mayor and five councilmen.

The First Charter of Naples


In 1947 Town Council adopted The Naples Plan, a simple way to “improve Naples,” funded entirely by the community through tax deductible donations.

The Plan Of Naples


Edwards Gorham Wilkinson was not a newcomer to Florida when in 1923, he was selected to represent the Town of Naples as a member of the first Town Council.

A Man Of Many Interests


Sixteen months after the Town of Naples was incorporated on December 1, 1923.

Council Chambers


Relieving the Town Manager of dual duties, Elsie Lehman was hired by Mayor William L. Clarke, Jr.

The Queen Of City Hall


In 1970, Janet Davis Cason was appointed second Naples City Clerk.

The First To Arrive… The Last To Leave


Fred Lowdermilk was appointed manager just four months before the City of Naples was chartered in 1949.

Our First Manager Of The City Of Naples


Seventy-three percent of Naples’ voting residents, or 5,060 persons, elected Edwin “Ned” J. Putzell, Jr.

He Wore Many Hats


On February 4, 1964, Archie Turner ran for mayor against H. Milton Link, member of the Zoning and Planning Board in 1961 and developer of The Moorings in 1957, and won the election.

The Protector of Our Waters