The Bank With A Heart

Author, Lila Zuck

The Bank of Naples, the city’s first financial institution, opened in 1949 at the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue South and 8th Street South.

The Bank of Naples, 1949.

Residents no longer had to travel to Fort Myers for their banking needs and business owners had access to precious rolls of coins in a flash.

Nicknamed “The Bank with a Heart” because it was chartered on Valentine’s Day, the Bank of Naples encouraged and aided small businesses to open in Naples, the boundaries of which had not yet stretched beyond The Four Corners.

In 1953, the bank led the drive to raise funds to purchase uniforms for the Naples High School Band.

A mannequin dressed in a sample uniform was displayed in the bank’s lobby and a special account was set up in which residents could deposit contributions to the uniform drive.

One dollar at a time, money poured in and by the following school year the fully uniformed Naples High School Band, along with the Majorettes and mascot Little Debbie were ready to represent their school with pride.

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The fully uniformed Naples High School Band.

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The uniformed mannequin at the Bank of Naples in 1953.