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Endorsement Application

On December 1, 2023, the City of Naples will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and we want you to be involved!

Our centennial committee is working hard to put together a calendar of Centennial celebrations, and we need your help. We are inviting you to participate in your own creative way for the year leading up to the Centennial Celebration on December 1, 2023! The Centennial Committee will endorse approved events, fund raisers, programs, etc. and share our Centennial logo. Approved celebrations will be posted on our City Centennial website and calendar. We encourage your participation!

We are asking for your support to make this year-long Centennial Celebration memorable, special, and successful. Below is the endorsement application for your celebration. If approved, you will be provided the City’s Centennial logo for use in marketing materials, and your celebration will be posted on the City’s Centennial website. The Copyright for the City’s Centennial logo remains with the City of Naples.


    General information

    event information (if applicable)

    *Note: Events requiring a permit will have to go through the standard permitting/approval process.

    Centennial Rules and Conditions

    • The Centennial logo should be displayed on all marketing materials.

    • All requests should celebrate the history of the City of Naples.

    • Events can be fundraisers for your organization or a non-profit organization within the City of Naples.

    • Events should be open to all members of the public to attend (ticking/charging is fine, but not closed to only your group members).

    • The Copyright for the City’s Centennial logo remains with the City of Naples and use of the logo is by permission and in the sole discretion of the City of Naples.

    • The Business/Club/Organization shall indemnify and hold the City harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expenses of any kind in connection with the loss of life, personal injury or damage to property arising from or out of Business/Club/Organization’s Event.

    • Under no circumstances shall the City be liable for consequential damages including without limitation lost profits, for any claims, disputes or other matters arising out of or relating to the event.